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General Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Mon 25 Feb 2013, 10:00 pm

Some Forum Rules You have must Follow before posting :
1. dont Abuse Here
2. dont Advertise Any Site Here like eg. Ptc site to get traffic.
3. dont Force Any user to click On Your Link Further (Leaving Pm). Further Action willl take If any user Complaint us PM Spamming.
4. Any Thread About Must posted On Their Acurate Section..Otherwise Once Warned For this and than ban.
5.No selling ( Nothing Will Be Permit To sale Or Request on Forum)
6. Creating posts with little or no value content purely to advertise your signature is not allowed. It is at the discretion of the forum moderators what constitutes as a 'content less' post. Typical examples include 'thank you', 'nice work', 'great results!' etc.
7. No duplicate content Post On Forum permit.
8. No Warez/Torrent Discussion
9. English will be permit Only here..Further May delete.

Note :: You Must Have Follow this rule to Stay In Touch With Our Forum and Blog Otherwise you may Suspendened by us Quickly.


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